The Herman’s Hands Tap-Takeover for Mental Health Awareness

On Wednesday 28th of February, the Royal Albert Hotel in Surry Hills and I hosted the Herman’s Hands Tap-Takeover for Mental Health Awareness.

We raised a total of $8200 for the creation of the Herman’s Hands Second Line.

For those of you who missed out on the night, left early or arrived late – I said a few words after playing the video from my Kickstarter Campaign (

I wanted to express what Herman’s Hands is to me in as few words as possible. I couldn’t really get my words out too well on the night but I said something along these lines:

In 2007 my dad, Herman, completed suicide. I found his body. I was 15. Now I’m 26.

I carried this for a long time.

In silence.

I hid from it.

I became a fighter and a uni geek (this is where I met most of you).

Then I couldn’t hide from it anymore.

It consumed me.

At that point I guess I indirectly decided that I needed to give it meaning. Well at least I acknowledged that I was a depressed and angry and confused person and I didn’t want to be depressed and angry and confused person anymore, so I began work on giving it meaning.

This is what I think Herman’s Hands is to me, really, it is my way of giving the most confusing thing in my entire life meaning.

I shared my life on this blog. And now I do Herman’s Hands.

I draw pictures and put them on clothing, I speak to people and I share pieces of myself and my dad on social media.

All of which create dialogue.

My mission is to help prevent the Doom & Gloom of Mental Illness and Suicide that claimed my dad’s life and shattered my family from reaching others.

By sharing mine and my dad’s lives, experiences and vulnerabilities I (WE) set example for those suffering in silence (LIKE ME in the past) to do the same and overcome and live with their suffering too.

You never know who Herman’s Hands can help feel a little less alone.

It’s been a big few weeks. I’m not sure if what I said does HH justice but it’s what came to mind on the evening.

My Kickstarter Campaign continues. I haven’t reached my goal of 20K yet. If you want to get onboard/ can lend a hand please head to – share it with your people too!

Thank you Mick and Tom for making this happen. And to Gen and everyone at the Royal Albert, the Tio’s Cerveceria team and the Wild Rover team.

And Thank you to Sascha, Tara, Jesinta, Buddy, Steph, Mum, Kate, Angry Ant, Denys and MB for donating raffle/auction prizes, money and time. And everyone else for contributing and supporting me and my cause.

Thanks for the support.

Brenny x

(Photos (in no particular order) by @denysbondi and some disposable film shots)

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  1. Uncle sam
    March 05, 2018

    Nice work bren

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