Congratulations on making it this far!

Now you’re probably wondering why I brought you all here…

I want to fill you in.

I’ve been trying to write a little reflection piece on the changes I’ve made in my life over the past year (post-boxing fight) but every time I’ve sat down to do so, nothing’s come out. I’ve realised that for so many years, writing for me was an anxious mechanism. It was a way of managing my anxiety. I haven’t written on the blog or in my journal for a year now. I’ve been free. So now sitting and writing about myself is kinda the last way I want to spend my time.

So I’m going to share the real life result of the changes I’ve made. What’s grown out of the changes. In fact, what’s grown out of the past eight years or so of inner work really.

Like a daisy atop of a mound of manure.


G’day Guys Health Club® Pty Ltd.


G’day Guys Health Club® is about showing up. For yourself and others.

Not only on days when you’re feeling jazzy, funky or fun, but every day, in every state of being. To say G’day® is to show up. It is to honour yourself and all of your states of being.

Our Facilitator, Brenny Vanilla, once said: “to love yourself is to be true to yourself. It is to honour and accept all parts of yourself, the beautiful and the ugly. It is through self love that we see the truth”. He has built a life based on this ethos. He’s been showing up for himself and others for the past 13 years. He experienced great trauma that could easily have sent him down a path of not saying G’day®, but instead he made the choice to say it. And he’s been showing up for himself ever since.

This choice has lead him down a relatively unique path of personal development and it has allowed him to develop a great capacity to create and hold space for himself. His life is an example of this. And this example is what he has to offer to his communities and the world. By continuously creating space for himself, the traumatised boy inside of Brenny has been seen, heard and held. And he is no longer screaming, crying, withdrawing or escaping like many people in this world are.

This is what the G’day Guys Health Club® is. A place to check-in with yourself, drink coffee, pump weights, punch things, be held accountable, find love and support and grow together. It is a space where you can be seen, heard and held. But more importantly though, it is a space to learn to see, hear and hold yourself.

Brenny Vanilla has proven that he is capable of allowing the associated energies and emotions of his experiences to move through him. And for this reason he’s able to see, hear, hold and simply be with others. This is his purpose. To create space. For himself and others. Continuously. Consistently. Forever. To show up and say G’day Guys®.

We believe that there are two types of people in this world, those who say G’day® and those who don’t. We are the former.

Everyday we all make a choice, to say G’day® or not to. If you’re at a point in your life where you’d like to truly honour yourself, step into your power and feel ready to start showing up for yourself and others come say G’day®.

Please note that the G’day Guys Health Club® isn’t for the feint hearted. Applicants undergo rigorous testing by our founding members and are reviewed by our board of directors under the watchful eye of our Facilitator, Brenny Vanilla.

Successful applicants will need to have began doing their work. They will need to be on path. If this means nothing to you, it is at this point we’d like to ask you to close this browser window.

The G’day Guys Health Club® was not created to save anyone. It was created to enable those already on their personal journey, already doing their inner work to deepen their relationships with the self. To create space to truly honour the self. To be true to the self. To teach those capable of creating and holding space for their self to create and hold space for others and vice versa.

Brenny created a space where he can speak and live his truth. A space for all of himself. A space for all of yourself too. Where all of you is welcome.

The G’day Guys Health Club® is a space for people to simply be (with) themselves.

“You either say it, or you don’t”.


If you’re ready to book in for your first trial session, then this is what you need to know:

The G’day Guys Health Club® is only for the committed. Applicants are required to attend every Friday from 6:00am to 9:00am or so in the Bondi Boxing Gym dungeon, 284 Bondi Road, Bondi until initiated. Once initiated they will be invited to further sessions.

Applicants must prove their ability to sit in stillness for 30 minutes. They must show an openness and ability to listen without judgement. Applicants do no need to be able to speak, box or lift weights but only listen.

The G’day Guys Health Club® is a safe space. We are a team. We are comrades. We create and hold space for one another. Sometimes the associated energies of our experiences and emotions move in these spaces. Therefore we ask applicants/ participants to agree to confidentiality. Applicant’s energetic bodies, integrity and capacity for accountability are considered with scrutiny.


Successful applicants will be invited into a WhatsApp group on their cellular telephones and by 8:00pm the evening before any given session will be expect to post an “in”. This will confirm their spot in the club the following day. Failure to show up on the morning of the session, unless a family member/ cat dies, will incur a strike that will be recorded in the group notes. Three strikes and the participant’s G’day Guys Health Club® membership will be cancelled.

Let us make this very clear: there are no morning pullouts without a damn good reason. On the evening prior members are either ‘in’ or ‘out’. If a participant pulls out the morning of the session they have confirmed their place in, they will be forced to pay $30.00.

The G’day Guys Health Club® is about showing up for yourself and others. All of you is welcome. All of you is accepted. All of your states of being. Every last drop.

Just show up and say G’day®.

Along with their ‘ins’, members will also be asked to write their coffee or tea order in the WhatsApp group. Coffee and tea is ordered in advance from our dear friends at ‘Up South’ cafe and is ready when our Facilitator, Brenny Vanilla, allocates time for it to be consumed.


Sessions are $30.00 each. This includes the coffee or tea. Participants bring their money in unmarked bills on Friday mornings. Failure to do so may also incur a strike. Those experiencing financial hardship may apply for various subsides. G’day Guys Health Club® is not a charity. Ps there’s an ATM at Eddie’s mini-market.

Session Courtesy

The door to the dungeon will be closed and locked at 6:05am. If a member arrives late, he or she will not be permitted to enter or join the session later. Brenny works hard to create a safe container for his members, it is important that this container is not disrupted or broken.

When participants enter the dungeon we ask that they move with intention and do not speak loudly. They should graciously greet their comrades, turn their cellular telephones off, place their belongings on the racks provided, then make their way to the allocated seating area and settle in.

Session Structure

0600 Say G’day® and settle in.

0605 Introduction by our Facilitator, Brenny Vanilla

0610 Seated stillness commences

0640 Seated stillness concludes (a moment for feeling to return to the lower extremities)

0645 Check-ins

0700 Coffee, yarns and work

0720 Hand wraps and skipping

0725 Stretch it out

0730 Posterior chain/ toosh work

0740 Shoulders on shoulders

0745 Shake it out

0750 PUMP (boxing, weights, circuits, or a combination of)

0845 Shivasana

0850 Check-outs

0900 Arrivederci (it means seeya)

Members who aren’t constrained by the construct of time will then be invited to drink smoothies at the Health Emporium or eat breakfast burritos at Porch and Parlour with our Facilitator, Brenny Vanilla.


Session structure is subject to complete change at the discretion of our Facilitator, Brenny Vanilla. Participants are invited to take time to understand and adopt the ideology within themselves that all of the above is work. The G’day Guys Health Club® is not about sweating. Sweat is merely a by-product. If you simply want to sweat please take yourself for a jog. The G’day Guys Health Club®  is equal parts inner and outer work. After all, the two are inseparable.

In Summation

This concludes the G’day Guys Health Club® Pty Ltd Company Ethos and Applicant Requirements Ebook. There is enough information here so don’t contact us for anything further.

We can assure you that the G’day Guys Health Club® is not a cult. Find out for yourself though, please. Come say G’day®.

On behalf of Brenny Vanilla our CEO, Founder and Facilitator, our founding members and board of directors,



As always, thank you for reading. Really. I feel grateful and pumped to share something that is so real to me, rooted only in the present, with you.

You know, it wasn’t long ago that I was living in a perpetual state of anxiety. For many years my life was defined by the past. Now I feel free, pumped full’a love. I’m speaking and living my truth.

Every morning (except Sundays), through my practice, I get to meet myself in the present moment. My practice helps me clarify who’s driving the bus. And you know, the longer I sit, the more intention I move with – the better I can hear who’s speaking, the more clearly I see those in front of me, the more freely I live.

The club is just me and my practice. It is me. Sharing myself. And in doing so, I create a space for others to share themselves too. Everyone who shows up inadvertently gives more than they take. It’s so beautiful.

I’m just out here being human. Doing human things. Sitting crossed legged until my legs go numb. Developing a relationship with my pain. Developing a relationship with myself. Feeling my physical potential. Feeling my power. Feeling it all. Connecting. Really connecting. Holding others and learning to be held. Giving and receiving love. Together. Straight up.

The G’day Guys Health Club® is more or less a lifetime of inner work rolled up into a ball, cut up and fed in small palatable pieces by a big friendly boxer guy. When I think of the club I think of the way my mum would cut the crust off my Vegemite toast and bring it to me as I sat watching Saturday Disney in my doona, circa 1998.

Anyway, as Neville Bartos once said: “look at me mate, I’m fuckin’ flying”.

I used to speak a lot but now I just say G’day®.

Open your heart, speak your truth, give your mum a ring from time to time and come say G’day®.


Thank you for believing in me.

I love you.

Brenny ‘Brendan McDonnell’ Vanilla.


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  1. Eddy
    November 12, 2020

    Beautiful words Brenny.

  2. Eli challenger
    November 12, 2020

    Gday Brenny, I’ve been missing the dungeon since we had the baby and reading this is for sure an ‘in’ for me if you’ll have me.

    Chat soon brother,

    • Brendan McDonnell
      November 12, 2020

      It’s a special place. You are so welcome to join us brother x

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